Golf Course Aerial Video & Photography

Drone Video & Photography for courses in Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Essex & Hertfordshire ...the UK & beyond !

Provide prospective members and golf enthusiasts with the opportunity to soar over your course from a golf balls perspective with our Golf Course Aerial Video & Photography service.

Showcase Your Course

Kestrel Media provides the perfect online promotional tool to showcase your golf course to its maximum potential …helping you to stand out from other competitiors by providing prospective members with a captivating and unique birds eye view of the course and its contours.

Online video content and the simple click of a play button is the most powerful form of marketing possible …so whether its a 9 or 18 hole course, golf enthusiasts can now take a virtual tour of the bunkers, trees, fairways, water hazards and dog legs. We provide an aerial overview of the entire course plus flyovers of every hole, providing a stunning aerial perspective similar to what you will see on sports channels covering major golfing events throughout the world.

Each hole flyover will also include its own unique information …such as hole number, hole name, par rating and distance from the tee’s.

If required we can also add distance markers plus any other information you may like to highlight including prices, opening times and pro shop information/offers.

Your golf course aerial video will also include your course logo and copyright free music at no extra cost. 

Kestrel Media provides a quick 7 day turnaround on your professionally edited and colour graded video …sometimes this can be completed less than 48 hours after filming (subject to our current workload).

Golf Course Drone Video & Photography

Watch: Your video will be similar to this golf course aerial video example of Augusta National Golf Course, Georgia, United States.

The Best Time To Film

We want the course to look its very best on your golf course aerial video, so ideally we would recommend filming sometime between April and September.

On the day of filming we will need to be out on the course shortly after first light, to get a head start on early bird golfers so as not to interfere with their game. Ideally we would request a member of staff is present with a buggy to transport us, this also helps in explaining to any inqusitive members that we may encounter whilst on the course. We would strongly advise you to make members and players aware in advance, particularly if you would like us to film whilst golfers are playing the course. 

A sunny day would be nice but is not essential, however we cannot fly our drones in the rain or in winds higher than 20mph, so on some occasions we may have to take a rain check. In these circumstances we will liase with you and come back out at the earliest opportunity.  

Increase Memberships

Click here to read an independent article explaining why aerial video increases sales. 

In the US, property and golf course aerial video is huge …however in the UK there are very few golf courses utilising this type of service because it is still a relatively new concept in marketing. Now is the ideal time to take your business to the next level and stand out from other competitors !

Imagine the potential increase in annual memberships, casual golf rounds and even society bookings if each individual could actually see this amazing perspective of your golf course, its contours and lush landscape.

Kestrel Media can make this happen …all you have to do is upload your golf course aerial video on your social media channels and wait for golf enthusiasts to “like”, “share” and comment …promoting not only your course but also your facebook page in the process.

We Will Go The Extra Mile 

At Kestrel Media our reputation is very important so we take a pride in every film that we are associated with, whether it be a property, place of interest, golf course aerial video or a clients wedding.

Golf is one of the most participated sports in the world, we know your video is likely to receive numerous views and shares on social media so we want it to look as good as possible to showcase not only you …but also ourselves.

In order for us to be successful we will go the extra mile and provide you with the very best service.

Aerial Photographs

Kestrel Media is licensed to fly up to 500 feet, as part of our golf course aerial video service to you we will also provide aerial imagery of the course from our professional on board cameras.

This is particularly useful if you want to add unique shots of the course to your website or upload them to a folder and share on your facebook page or social media.

All images are copyright free.

Prices from £495

Our prices start at a very competitive £495 for a 9 hole course …or £795 for an 18 hole course.

We can also include interviews with golfers and/or staff (if required) and showcase your pro shop and/or facilities for a small additional cost.

If your business is part of a chain then we can offer discounts for multiple courses.

We can also offer a further 10% discount for a copyright version with the Kestrel Media logo present in the top left hand corner of the film.